ThirdWay Solutions tirelessly challenges binary, polarized ideas, and forges new pathways with leaders working in pursuit of equity and justice.

ThirdWay Solutions supports game-changing leaders and their teams at critical moments when the stakes are high.

We offer executive coaching, strategy & problem-solving and team culture & performance services. We support our clients by:

Helping bold leaders and visionary teams achieve peak performance;

Executing on big, cross-system initiatives that ensure justice for our country’s most marginalized youth;

Transforming the culture of teams and systems to support inclusion and justice; and

Adding capacity to projects at inflection points when the stakes are highest.

How many times have you been called to a meeting to discuss the same challenge for the tenth time, only to see the same people entrenched on opposite sides of the issue, debating two solutions as if they are binary or mutually exclusive?

That's where ThirdWay Solutions comes in.

Since launching, ThirdWay has worked with over 100 leaders and their teams, from rural Louisiana and California to our nation's biggest cities like New York City and Houston – and points in between.

In K12, ThirdWay has worked in 30 districts across 6 states and impacted approximately 2,000 schools - and we're just getting started. With a focus on school culture and student support, ThirdWay provides a holistic approach to rethinking school systems.

In other sectors, the ThirdWay team provides services to dozens of clients: from nonprofits to philanthropies, advocacy organizations and corporations across the country. The ThirdWay team’s expertise in leading and coaching leaders to realize transformational change makes us unique.

ThirdWay is not a traditional consulting firm. We are catalysts, elbow partners, capacity-builders, and — ultimately — focused on getting tangible, audacious results with every organization we support.

Learn more about how ThirdWay makes an impact across sectors by contacting us or visiting our website.