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Sparking a School Discipline Revolution

…there’s growing recognition in the education community, both from charter and district leaders, that we’ve helped create the school-to-prison pipeline and it is up to us to dismantle it.

ACLU leads discussion about school disciplinary reform

Organizations such as the Discipline Revolution Project and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Arizona came together to foster a discussion about the mistakes schools make in disciplining students and how to better interact with students to promote academic achievement.

Former Newark schools chief Cami Anderson’s new mission: getting schools to rethink student discipline

Called the Discipline Revolution Project, Anderson’s new initiative aims to help schools reduce suspensions and move away from exclusionary discipline practices.

The Left-Right School Discipline Debate Misses the Point. We Need a Third Way

We need to systematically rethink everything we do — from how teachers are trained and supported to how we report and learn from classroom and school-based incidents.

Chat with Teachers: Interview with Cami Anderson

Jennifer Khadir from Chat with Teachers interviews Cami Anderson. Cami shares her background, journey and education and how all of her passions have helped shaped and guided her career and personal endeavours in education so far.

Newark School Chief Cami Anderson Is ‘Killing A Dysfunctional System’

Anderson presides over a project known as One Newark, a revolutionary universal-enrollment program that assigns students to public and most charter schools through one application. It was up to her to redesign a system that has gone from charter schools enrolling 5% of the students to 40% in seven years.

Persistence: Reflections of a Lifelong Activist

“Persisting to demand equity was one of the hardest things I have ever worked with a group of people to accomplish. And I learned some tough lessons.”

Cami Anderson at TEDxEast: Basements, Barriers and Beliefs

Basements, Barriers and Beliefs: In this TEDx talk, Cami shares how these three simple words shaped her fierce dedication to equity. After traveling the country, she repeatedly saw that the young people most in need of resources, support, and innovation to excel were often the ones who got the least. Cami builds the case for why every single one of us should become advocates for the extraordinary potential of these young people and to shine bright lights in the “basements.”

Challenging the Education Status Quo

Cami Anderson and CEO of Amplify Joel Klein discuss the broken status quo of education in America today, and how data, digital curriculum, and rewarding great leaders can help improve our schools.

Time 100: Cami Anderson

Cami Anderson is named one of Time 100s most influential people. Entrants are recognized for changing the world, regardless of the consequences of their actions. The final list of influential individuals is exclusively chosen by Time editors with nominations coming from the TIME 100 alumni and the magazine’s international writing staff.

Cami Anderson And Zuckerberg, The Unlikely Duo Behind Newark Schools’ Revitalization

Since arriving in Newark, Anderson hasn’t shied away from bold moves. In this personal profile, Fast Company shadows Cami and details how she is tackling one of the toughest of leadership challenges.

About Cami Anderson

Cami grew up in a multiracial and otherwise diverse, adoptive family of fourteen focused on embracing collective responsibility, recognizing privilege, and pursuing justice — a singular experience that fuels her dedication to equity to this day. A lifelong athlete, she’s committed to hard work and building teams. Her decades of theatre experience taught her to speak truth, take feedback and laugh often.