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We Need a New Way of Talking About Students Who Face Barriers Erected by Adults and Sustained by Broken Systems

I bring John, David, Ana and Sally into every training, strategy session and decision-making room I occupy.  Well, actually I bring their stories, to remind myself and others of the students we are still failing and the significant work we still need to do to ensure excellence for all students. JOHN John’s family immigrated from…

The Discipline Revolution Project

The Discipline Revolution Project is a coalition of advocates, educators, and other leaders dedicated to moving past theoretical arguments and towards practical solutions to end the school-to-prison pipeline once and for all.

About the 20% Project

The 20% Project helps city, state, and federal agencies, nonprofits, funders, and advocates pursue solutions that put the most vulnerable 20% of kids and families at the center of their work.

Focus 20%

About 20% of these children attended school in the past but could not continue their education. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

About Make an Appointment

Make An Appointment is a new organization dedicated to realizing the day when women hold 50% of appointed senior positions in the public sector. ThirdWay’s diverse team has a track record of bold leadership in the public sector as well as nationally recognized experts in government, media, talent development, and social entrepreneurship. It’s about time we Make An Appointment.